SmartIdea: Internet consultancy for growing businesses and startups!

Managing and implementing web resources, software solutions and technology is often the hardest task for small businesses and startups, often because they don’t have the budget to have their own teams. Internet consultancy firm SmartIdea offers services to bridge this very gap. With headquarters in Singapore, the company works with clients around the world. A considerable part of their clientele is located in Europe, Australia and the US. SmartIdea understands that clients have different needs, for which their services are aptly tailored and scaled.

SmartIdea owns its own development team, which specializes in dealing in with RUP, xP, OOAD concepts, has experience of different software development processes and UML modeling tools. Additionally, they also have an operations team that manages, monitors and keeps a tab on all live products, websites and processes to prevent possible technical issues. To offer better services through their representative offices located in Philippines, US and Australia, SmartIdea also works with networking experts and liaises with technical support teams as and when the project demands. From website evaluation and creating a roadmap for online marketing, to building and implementing different software solutions and processes, they make internet-based technologies affordable and reliable for small and growing businesses.

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